Thursday, 21 March 2013

Enter into a new life:......

Are you being controlled by your life?
              Is it really normal?

No, why should life control you. You are the owner of your life, you have full freedom to choose what you want to do with your life and what you don't. All you need is will power, this is the key to your success. when you will make your mind, that you want something in your life and take serious steps to achieve it, you will defiantly get success. Concentration is another factor. Concentrate 10% on what you want and 90% on how to reach there.

Sunday, 10 March 2013


Number of rape cases are increasing rapidly in our country India, it's a shame for all of us. Are girls born for getting raped? Why can't they go out at night, even it is not safe for them on the day light, some disgusting cheap minded people shows their "manlyness" by doing rapes, they don't even fear law. Why is it so.Is the law of our country this much week?

You guys tell me is it a fault of girls go out with a friend? even they are being attacked while with husband and even father. What a disgust. How down will our county go more?

No actions are being taken to stop all this, numbers of rapes in the country and city is increasing like inflation. This had become a hell for girls not only girls, those father who have daughter , those husbands who have wife, those lovers who have her lover all of them are living in a hell. This is shame for us guys too. Some insects of drain are filling our country with dirt. No they shoul not be hanged... "Their sexual organs should be cut and a permanent tattoo should me made on their whole body stating 'i m not a male,i have no sign of male'"  

Yes their are some false cases also for that also a law should be their stating that if the complaint proved to be false then the complainer will be fined and also be detained, and also their should be  very proper investigation. "Truth can never be hide for long time."

Personality Graph.

What is personality, It the sum total of intelligence, memory, attitude, behaviour, character, how we present ourselves, how we speak to peoples, self confidence, decision making(right time right thing) and many more things.
Our brain has an incredible memory space, more than lakhs of neuron. But some of us complaint abour our week memory, what really it is is that they don't give much concentration on anything. The conclusion is if we Concentrate on any things it becomes very easy to achieve it. We can express it as:-

    Personality(P)=Concentration(Intelligence+ Memory +Attitude+Behaviour+Character+ How we present ourselves +How we speak to peoples+ Self confidence+ Decision making)

That is if we multiply Concentration with the factors of personality then we can develop our personality to a much better.

Law of Personality:
This law states that there is a positive correlation between Concentration & Personality.
That is, when concentration increases personality also increase.

In the figure when Concentration(c)=c1 then personality was p1, then when c increased to c2 then personality also increased to p2, that is personality developed.

What is the meaning of life?

Let us understand with a formula. i.e, Life(L)=Time(T)
                    Let's discuss it for better understanding.
What is time? time is running from before the birth of earth and it will continue even after destruction of earth.
When you take birth your time starts from then you can calculate your age according to time also, am i right? okay. Now see your time will continue till your death, which means your life is nothing but the time span which you live in this world. So, we can now come to a conclusion that, L=T.
Therefore if we wast time it means we are wasting life? right? So in contrary When we utilize time it will mean that we are utilizing our life.

We have been gifted with a gift of life, we should value time so as to value the gift of life. Because killing time is = killing oneself.